We accelerate sustainable real estate development

Let’s imagine and realize a better future because the world we live in tomorrow depends on our actions today.

In Replas we study and work for a sustainable real estate development, through the use of high performance energy, acoustic and anti-seismic building technologies, paying a lot of attention to living comfort and managing to guarantee an important average cost saving.

Sustainability for the environment, sustainability in price

Sustainability is not a slogan to be included in the vision, mission and commercial advertising, but a new culture in the way of creating and working. Profits are realized by reducing waste and eliminating speculative steps, all for the benefit of the human being and the environment. There is no progress without sustainability. Join us in the third industrial revolution: accelerate sustainable development with a new philosophy of living and get all the benefits in terms of space, comfort and performance, using your resources in the best way.




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Disruption Philosophy

Discover the qualities of an intuitive and simple to live home

In REPLAS, consistent with our vision, devoted to our mission, we build residences designed strictly applying the GREEN Lifestyle philosophy. We are aware that each of our creations is not the last stage of your home journey, but the first tool to live each day in harmony with the environment where it was built.

Independence & Privacy

The independence and privacy according to REPLAS are essential principles: having direct access between the garage and the home grants maximum security, increased by fences, both private and common, capable of guaranteeing maximum privacy. Each dwelling has private views, as well as independent driveways and pedestrian access.



Each REPLAS building is equipped with the most sophisticated forms of security: high security doors and windows and a class 3 armored door securely protect every home, together with a video surveillance and burglar alarm system for your protection. A sophisticated antiseismic system completes the protection of the home and your family from seismic damage.



Protecting the environment, first of all by limiting CO2 emissions, is part of the REPLAS philosophy from the beginning: the use of bio materials and the production of thermal, electric and water energy make each REPLAS home model completely eco-compatible, therefore perfectly aligned with the future development of further integrations.


Thanks to REPLAS, everyone can live in total well-being and comfort: a natural ventilation system, automated closures and openings and the ease of use of the double cooling and heating system make each of you feel constantly in a state of ease and relax. The application of a home automation system increases this general well-being, granting a great ease of use to every equipment.

Hot-cold management, double heating and cooling system, automated closing and opening, high acoustic performance, natural ventilation, sun protection, home automation, hi-tech accessories, lift predisposition, motorized sectional doors.


Unique Design

The uniqueness of each house created by REPLAS is given both by a modern and innovative hi-tech aesthetic, an unparalleled attention to detail and the introduction of a completely innovative concept: infinity glass, to make the perception of spaces even more extensive .

Double glazing, internal and external space continuity.


Ergonomics: the furniture around you.

The presence of dedicated accessory rooms, large living areas, double/triple bathrooms, master bedrooms with inner bathroom, walk-in closets and integrated sps provide each individual with an ergonomic well-being never seen before, completed by large outdoor areas and the presence of tropical zen gardens.

Double width garages, pc area, spa area, laundry area, ironing area, make-up area, technological systems area, dining area, kitchen area.

Added value

REPLAS real estate gains value over time thanks to the fact that it is completely Kyoto Protocol Ready, therefore completely compatible with future regulations as well as being customizable in & out on your indication. An architecture born to last over time thanks to the quality of the materials and the unique design.

Solar thermal, photovoltaic, Kyoto Protocol Ready, high quality materials, architecture designed to last.



The choice to use the best materials gives each REPLAS building the advantage of being highly durable thanks to metal roofs, the use of porcelain tiles, expanded, galvanized and painted fencing, anti-pollution facades in metal or ceramic.

Deck, PVC / metal doors and windows, adjustable electric solar shading.



The realization of an eco-compatible building according to REPLAS also provides for almost zero ordinary maintenance: the use of the best materials and the most innovative technological solutions allows to save over time both in economic and psychophysical terms.