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CASAPLAS is your Green Lifestyle home within our GREEN PARK

In REPLAS, the CASAPLAS division is in charge of selecting suitable residential building areas for the development of GREEN PARK, eco-compatible minimum housing density projects of excellence where it is possible to purchase homes in the villa. With the same GREEN Lifestyle philosophy that characterizes VILLAPLAS, CASAPLAS designs, builds and furnishes independent dwellings in small buildings or individual villas, with the same construction system that responds to high energy-saving and acoustic features, anti-seismic safety in bio-fermentation technology, with large outdoor areas , vast choice of Comfort Optional finishes and the possibility to complete, at fair and accessible prices, the Design Optional and Green Energy Optional finishes.

Every home is Kyoto Ready

In order to realize our vision, the REPLAS system was created in compliance with the Kyoto protocol, contributing to environmental protection and ensuring your home a lasting value over time.

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The CASAPLAS concept: your day of yours surrounded by greenery

CASAPLAS is the conceptual style designed for you that desire interior spaces of great charm and large outdoor spaces. CASAPLAS designs for you independent models of modern and exclusive design, welcoming a new constructive concept aimed at eco-sustainability. Choose your CASAPLAS now available in our eco-friendly GREEN PARKS.

For a:


Technology, safety, ecology.

All the REPLAS residences, both villas and apartments, are built with proven systems and technologies, which give a benefit in terms of energy costs and maintenance savings, the latter tending to zero maintenance. We build safe, anti-seismic homes in bio-cement technology, without architectural barriers already in the design phase and equipped for no-intrusion and video surveillance systems. The materials used for the construction of the REPLAS dwellings, as well as all the equipments, are chosen to reduce the environmental impact, because the world we live in tomorrow depends on our actions today. In all the REPLAS dwellings, all the technologies aimed at energy saving and living comfort, such as storage batteries and home automation, can be integrated with affordable costs, creating buildings already projected into the future.

Your Tailor Made Home

All our villas can be customized both in the interior / exterior and in the systems, as well as in the management of spaces and furnishings. Our team carries out the ergonomic study of the environments to better adapt them to your housing needs and to make your home unique both for aesthetic and comfort.

All REPLAS creations can be customized and finished with the materials of the Comfort Optional package and completed with the Optional Designs to make life in your home comfortable. Furthermore, at any time you can integrate the Green Energy Optional package for an investment projected into the future.


Harmony of lines, attention to detail, careful design of details give our homes a unique personality.


Being in one’s own comfort green zone means being able to customize one’s home according to individual needs, sensibilities and attitudes.


In addition to style, our homes offer completely green performance, thanks to innovative technologies aimed at saving energy.

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